Millennium Hollywood Project

One of the things that motivated me to start this blog is the proposed Millennium Hollywood Project.  As a resident of Hollywood, I’m really concerned about this for a number of reasons.  While I support responsible, sustainable development, neither one of those adjectives can be applied to the project in its current form.  My main gripe is that two huge, high-rise towers will be erected next to the Capitol Records building.  My objections are based in part on aesthetics, since if the project is built these towers would completely overwhelm this Hollywood icon.  But the biggest problem with this project is that it will make traffic much worse.

The City of LA has been pursuing a policy of building high-density residential projects near transit centers.  In theory this sounds like good planning, and I used to support the idea.  But there have been a number of large residential projects built in Hollywood over the past several years, most of them less than a block away from subway stations, and traffic has only gotten worse.  The concept of having people live next to a subway so they won’t need to use their car sounds good, but the reality is that most Angelenos still take their cars most of the time.  The Millennium Hollywood Project will only make traffic worse, and the proposed mitigations are not sufficient.

I’ll write more later, but if you’re interested in finding out more about the project, here’s a link to an article that includes renderings of the finished development.

4 thoughts on “Millennium Hollywood Project

  1. Transit Oriented Development is a failed planning model. The reason that it does not work, has never worked, and will never work is because TODs are self-limiting. Once traffic congestion becomes intolerable people start leaving the area and new residents simply decide to live elsewhere in less dense areas. Thus, the required density to make mass transit viable is never achieved. The only way to get to the required density would be with a Berlin Wall to keep people from escaping but Los Angeles is surrounded by broad expanses of open land and that is where the people will go.

    • George, Thanks for the comment. Don’t mention the Berlin Wall idea to anybody on the LA City Council, because they might take it seriously. They’re desperate to prove TOD will work. Best, Casey

  2. FOUR HUNDRED Hancock Park Neighborhood Assoc. Residents, have joined Beachwood
    Canyon, Argyle Civic Assoc., The Oaks, Hollywoodland, The Hollywood Dell, the
    Hillside Federation, representing many Orgs (see list below), the three
    Hollywood Neighborhood Councils, HHWNC, HUNC, and HSDNC in OPPOSING Millennium
    Please sign the Petition opposing Millennium Hollywood projects..forward it, and
    if possible, please post on your facebook page.
    click here:
    (more information below)
    Millennium Planning Commission Hearing
    Please try to attend and speak out…

    March 28, 2013

    Time: 8:30 a.m.
    Location: Los Angeles City Hall,
    John Ferraro Council Chambers, Room 340
    200 N. Spring St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    (people who need rides will be us)

    Please email:

    Eric Garcetti
    Tom LaBonge
    CC:, (all council members),


    Beachwood Canyon Association

    Bel Air Knolls Property

    Bel Air Ridge Association

    Bel Air Skycrest Property

    Benedict Canyon Association

    Brentwood Hills Homeowners Assn.

    Brentwood Residents Coalition

    Cahuenga Pass Property Owners

    Canyon Back Alliance

    Crests Neighborhood

    Franklin Ave. / Hwd. Blvd. West

    Franklin Hills Residents

    Highlands Owners Association

    Hollywood Dell Civic

    Hollywood Heights Association

    Hollywoodland Homeowners

    Holmby Hills Homeowners

    Kagel Canyon Civic Assn.

    Lake Hollywood Homeowners

    Laurel Canyon Association

    Lookout Mountain Alliance

    Los Feliz Improvement

    Mt. Olympus Property Owners

    Mt. Washington Homeowners’ Alliance

    North Beverly – Franklin Canyon Home owners Association

    Nichols Canyon Association

    Oak Forest Canyon Association

    Oaks Homeowners Assn.

    Outpost Estates Homeowners

    Pacific Palisades Residents Assn.

    Residents of Beverly Glen

    Roscomare Valley Association

    Shadow Hills Property Owners

    Sherman Oaks Homeowners

    Studio City Residents Association

    Sunset Hills HOA

    Tarzana Property Owners

    Torreyson-Flynn Association

    Upper Mandeville Canyon

    Whitley Heights Civic

  3. L.A.Conservancy website/Advocacy Issues

    “The Conservancy appreciates that this project does not propose to

    demolish or significantly alter the Capitol Records Tower.

    Yet the project does include new construction directly adjacent to it,

    which could potentially cause adverse impacts to the Landmark.”

    etc. etc. etc.

    Hollywood Heritage has also expressed their concerns and position about

    Millennium Projects/Preservation Issues:

    “Preservation Issue:

    Hollywood Heritage’s Position on the Millennium Project (Capitol

    Records Building) proposed for Hollywood.

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