Dropping in at Tía Chucha’s

Tía Chucha's

Tía Chucha’s

One of the blogs I try to check in with on a regular basis is I Am San Fernando, which covers the East San Fernando Valley. That’s where I found out about Tía Chucha’s, a bookstore and cultural center located in Sylmar. I’ve been meaning to check it out for a while, and yesterday I finally made the trek out there.

It was worth the trip. The first thing that caught my attention was a mural on the side of the building.

Mural in back of Tía Chucha's.

Mural in back of Tía Chucha’s.

The place was kind of quiet when I got there, but it was afternoon, and most of their events take place in the evening. Tía Chucha’s hosts gatherings of musicians and poets, as well as offering a variety of classes. Right away I liked the place’s vibe, both colorful and comfortable. I took a few photos.

Tía Chucha's offers books...

Tía Chucha’s offers books…



...and art.

…and art.

I also flipped through a few books, and ended up buying Mahcic by Tomás Riley. I’ve only read a few of the peoms so far, but his work is pretty cool.

Mahcic by Tomás Riley

Mahcic by Tomás Riley

I liked the place so much I even put my name on their mailing list, which is something I rarely do these days, since I’m already overwhlemed by the amount of stuff that shows up in my inbox. But I was impressed with what Tía Chucha’s has to offer, and I’ll definitely be going back.

If you want to check them out yourself, here’s the link.

Tía Chucha’s

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