Caution: Quake Zone

Nrthrdge Quake

Yesterday’s small temblor was really no big deal. But it does serve as a reminder that we need to be thinking about earthquake safety. Researchers at UCLA and Berkeley have determined that there are many buildings in LA which could collapse in a major quake. They warn that thousands of “soft-story” buildings (mostly condos and apartments), and over one thousand “nonductile” concrete buildings are at risk.

Earlier this month, the LA Weekly ran an excellent article by Gracie Zheng, which not only discusses the danger we’re facing but the inability (or unwillingness) of local politicians to take action. You can read the article by clicking here.

We can make these buildings safe. It won’t be easy. It will cost money. But it can be done. San Francisco has already tackled this problem and found a solution. We need to follow their lead. If, after reading the article, you’re as concerned as I am, a good first step might be to call your council representative. Let them know you want action.

The photo above is from Wikimedia Commons. It shows a damaged building after the Northridge earthquake, and was taken by Gary B. Edstrom.

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